Dahon has released a handlebar mount for the iPhone 4, joining the BioLogic one for the 3G.

iPhone 4 gets a bike mount

The BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone 4 is a new version of Dahon’s existing Bike Mount. BioLogic is the accessories brand of Dahon, the folding bike maker.

Jackson Chen of BioLogic said: 

“The iPhone, with the various cycling and mapping apps available, makes the perfect cycle computer. But cycling can be a dirty, muddy, wet and sweaty business and your precious phone needs protection if you want to use it as a cycle computer. The Bike Mount for iPhone 4 lets a rider access all the great features and functions of the iPhone while providing full protection.”

The Bike Hub journey planning and bike shop finding iPhone app recommends the use of a handlebar mount to make full use of the app’s new satnav capability.

The Bike Mount for iPhone 4 is a fully-enclosed, hard case that is secured with a robust, double-pivot latch. A welded, touch-sensitive membrane on the front allows full use of the iPhone’s applications. Inside the Bike Mount, a soft silicone liner provides a secure fit while providing shock resistance.

There’s also a tight seal against the elements. A clear lens on the rear allows use of the camera, even while riding: this feature will allow cyclists to capture video as they’re riding.

The membrane-protected window on the front of the case allows use of the front-facing camera and FaceTime, Apple’s version of Skype. 

The Bike Mount also includes weather protected ports for headphones and power cable should riders want to access those features.

“Our goal is to get more people cycling as part of their daily transport routine,” said Chen.

“We want to encourage people to ride bikes for their shopping, down to the coffee shop, and even out to bars on a Friday night. Obviously, iPhones are an integral part of the lives of many people and when we can seamlessly integrate an iPhone onto a bicycle, we hope people will be more likely to ride instead of drive.”

There are more pix of the product on Flickr

The Bike Mount for iPhone 4 costs $64.99/€49.99/£49.99.

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