The International Olympic Committee has today released the report prepared by its Olympic Programme Commission, containing the evaluation of the 28 sports currently on the programme of the Olympic Games, including cycling. The report includes many stats about the International Cycling Union (UCI).

IOC releases Olympic programme commission report

The report is the outcome of a two-year process, which began at the IOC Session in Mexico City in 2002. At this extraordinary Session, the IOC decided to review the composition of the sports programme after each Olympic Games to ensure that its composition continues to be relevant and meet the expectations of future sporting generations.

The report is being sent to IOC members for study ahead of vote, which will take place during the 117th IOC Session next month in Singapore.

The list of Olympic sports contains 28 sports.

According to Rule 48.1 of the Olympic Charter, the minimum number of Olympic sports included in the Olympic programme is 15 and the maximum is 28. It is not obligatory that there be 28 sports on the Olympic programme.

In order for an Olympic sport to be in the Olympic programme, a simple majority of votes is needed.

In order to become an Olympic sport, a 2/3 majority is needed as this constitutes a modification of a rule of the Olympic Charter.

On 8th July, IOC members will vote by secret ballot on each of the 28 sports that were part of the Olympic programme in Athens.

If any sport is not admitted to be part of the Olympic programme because it does not obtain a majority, this sport will remain an Olympic sport: it will remain on the Rule 46 list but will not be on the programme for the 2012 Games.

If any sport is not admitted to the programme of the 2012 Games and therefore the total limit of 28 sports on the programme has not been reached, there is a possibility of another sport being put on the programme. In this instance, the Executive Board will meet and determine which applicant sport (s) may be proposed to the Session for admission.

Here’s some highlights of what the report says about the UCI:

Cycling enjoys a strong tradition on the Olympic programme, having been staged at every Olympics Games (25 times) since 1896.

The UCI has 163 Member National Federations, but only 30 percent had experience of organising national track events in 2003-4.

The UCI management board has a female membership of 7 percent. 14 men, 1 woman.

At the Athens Olympics, 98.4 percent of the 30 500 track tickets were sold. However, only 43.4 percent of the 29 500 MTB tickets were sold. At the Sydney Olympics in 2000 99.6 percent of the 28 000 track tickets were sold and 97.6 percent of the 40 000 MTB tickets.…/full_story_uk.asp?id=1349

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