Biomechanical saddle designed to keep cyclist's pelvis symetrical, with knock on effects for knees, back and neck, says designer

Introducing the Essax Shark Saddle

Shown to BikeBiz during the International Cyclefit Symposium today we introduce to you a new saddle concept from Spanish bike fitting expert Jon Iriberri.

New to the Essax saddle line, the ‘Shark’ features a central fin at the rear of the saddle, which assists the rider in evenly spreading their weight on the sit bones. For the frequently asked questions, and there are a few, check out the manufacturer’s dedicated page here.

"It’s a biomechanical design that aids the alignment of the pelvis in the saddle, greatly reducing the rocking motion that can cause so many problems while pedalling," explains Iriberri.

"So many of us sit twisted on our saddles, I’ve heard of people going through ten different saddles and still not being satisfied with their seating position. The Shark helps align the knees better, assisting the cyclist in evenly distributing the pressure through both sit bones. There are also benefits for alleviating pressure on the lower back and neck. It’s a particularly useful tool for Sclerosis sufferers."

"On first looks it’s quite startling," added ICS organiser Phil Cavell. "But Iriberri is too great a mind in the cycle fitting world to ignore, it’s a interesting idea."

The saddle has gone into production and is sold in Spain, retailing at around 80 to 90 Euros, typically sold to mountain bike and road riders. The concept isn’t viable for time trialists due to the aggressive positioning in the saddle, we were told.

Iriberri’s company, also produces a precision cleat adjusting tool that’s compatible with all industry standard fittings, as well as truly handmade from the ground up cycling shoes. These are made to measure to exact dimensions of the customer’s feet. What’s more, the shoes can easily be customised with the buyers own design.

Iriberri told BikeBiz that he would be interested in introducing his Essax branded product, including ‘the Shark’, to the UK market via specialist retailers.

Technical caracteristics of the Shark

Width: 130 and 140mm.

Weight: 195 and 200gr.

Height of the Fin: 40mm.

Length of the Fin: 100mm.

BikeBiz will have a full round up of news from both the International Cyclefit Symposium and the London Bike Show (where the event took place) in the March issue.

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