Kickstarter project has just passed its funding goal

Introducing Rubbee, a new electric bike conversion concept

A team of London-based engineers has come up with a new electric assist concept that mounts a motor to any bikes seatpost, which in turn drives the rear wheel.

Dubbed the Rubbee, the patent pending system will power a bike for over 15 miles on a two-hour charge. The creator’s main selling point revolves around the ability to turn any bike into an electric driven bicycle in a matter of seconds, minus the need to make any adjustments to the bike itself. The system is throttle operated.

Weight is also another unique selling point for the Rubbee, which comes in at 6.5 kilograms, around half the weight of many other conversion kits on the market.

The flywheel that drives the rear wheel is made from a specifically developed polyurethane formula, designed to efficiently move the bicycle forwards, but without wearing the rear tyre down too much. The battery is good for 200 charge cycles, apparently without any drop off in performance toward the end of its life.

Taking Rubbee for a spin from Rubbee Drive on Vimeo.

Included in the package, which is was available to backers at £699, is an optional pedal assist sensor.

Finally, the Rubbee has an integrated red rear LED, giving the rider some visibilitiy after dark.

Now the funding goal has been met, the Rubbee is expected to roll off the production line during early November.

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