The second of many round ups on what you may have missed, including product from Xtracycle, Rolf Prima, Sea Sucker, Bern, Teva, Boo Bicycles, Reboot, Cult and Demolition

Interbike round up, part two


Fans of Xtracycle will be pleased to see the label has developed its own Freeloader bag, labelling the new sack the X2. With a large waterproof lid and inner pouch, the unit will hold around two fully loaded bags of groceries, three if you’re a good packer.

Xtracycle’s Edgerunner bike is now on its second revision, carrying more brand name parts than before and a 20-inch wheel, that reportedly allows for a lower centre of gravity and thus better handling. What’s more, it’s compatible with a BionX e-bike system should your customer need to haul big loads all day.

Rolf Prima

It’s the Ares 4 and 6 that took pride of place on Rolf Prima’s stand. Both carbon clinchers, and measuring at 40mm and 60mm depth, respectively, the pair both roll on super smooth ceramic bearings and will be capable on both road and for cyclocross use. At 1,350 grams a set, the Ares 4 carries a coated brake band that should stand up to both heat and wear without trouble, though special brake pads are supplied with purchases.

Sea Sucker

We mentioned eye-catchers earlier on and this is certainly one of those products that makes you double take. It’s not everyday you see a bike mounted to the side doors of a car, after all.

As the name suggests, the product works via suction cups, which are applied with a few simply pumps of a button. The suction will last around 48 hours and support a load of up to 210 pounds. The pump action button used to apply the suction will begin to emerge after 48 hours, displaying a white band, which informs the user that a few more pushes are required to maintain suction.

A four cup bike rack will cost $240 and one bike additions go up in $100 increments thereafter. There’s also a spare wheel bracket, ideal for team cars.

Having told BikeBiz that it is open to UK distribution, the contact for such enquiries is


The Outdoor Demo was the perfect opportunity for those who had travelled light to try product and the helmet labels in particular benefitted from this. Bern, launching its first ever mountain bike suited helmet, was a busy stand at times, handing out demo units of its $99 Enduro helmet. With a greater amount of rear coverage, the helmet uses a proprietary Zip Mold foam for its chassis. The plus points of doing things a little differently? We’re told this method has a higher strength to weight ratio than traditional EPS. Each helmet carries 16 vents and five colours are now available.


Teva was another stand buzzing with interest, largely because of the debut of its Pivot shoe, set to retail for $150. This casual appearance shoe houses a three quarter length plate in the sole to stiffen the shoe up, should you want to run clipless pedals and maximise power transfer. What’s more, the unit simplifies the process of attaching a cleat, enabling the user to attach and adjust the unit from inside the shoe, disguising some hardware.

Boo Bicycles

Catching the attention of most thanks to laying claim to making the world’s only bamboo Fat Bike, Boo Bicycles reminded many that Bamboo is among the most ideal materials to build bicycles from.

For the uninitiated, bamboo has a huge tensile strength, apparently allows on a quarter of the vibration of a carbon fibre counterpart through to the rider and it’s not bad for the planet too, given that the brand replants more than it uses at its Vietnam plantation.

With a 40 per cent margin on framesets, some of which are visually very appealing, dealers are invited to buy direct from the brand via


Making use of a combination of plant, root and fruit extracts, Reboot thinks it has one of the more unique nutrition products on the market.

Assisting hydration and providing a copious anti-oxidant dose, the brand claims its products will ‘make you feel better in your own body in days’. Bold claim, but at the very least it helps a hangover. Though not currently in the UK, this unique take on sports nutrition is looking to expand its horizons. A box of six sachets, which separate the water and extract content via a ‘popable’ inner sleeve to maintain freshness until ready to consume, costs $24.99.


BikeBiz had two reasons for seeking Cult out on the first day at Mandalay Bay. The first, a rumoured Vans collaboration tyre to go with the grip already produced by the label. Secondly, The Simpsons collaboration bikes, which now come in the form of a Duff Man cruiser, a 20-inch Bart Bike, with a Marge and ‘Maggie’ smaller wheeled BMX to follow. The licensed collaboration bikes came about at the Agenda Show in the USA where Simpsons representatives approached Cult having liked the ‘feel of the brand’, according to owner Robbie Morales. The Simpsons bikes have begun landing in the UK with Seventies already. Find out more about the bikes here.

As it happens the Vans collaboration was debuted at Interbike, with a final sample mold displayed alongside the label’s new freecoaster hub. The tyre will closely follow the ‘waffle tread found on Vans shoes, while the coaster will run on a tough needle thrust and tapered roller bearing to absorb the stresses better. Expect the Match coaster to come in both male and female axles.


Demolition has a number of new items set for Elephant in the UK over the coming months. There’s a whole new line of stems, each a signature model so kids can match to their favourite rider.

There’s also a Dennis Enerson signature crank that houses a burly oversized 24mm axle and though in sample form at the show, the 48-spline unit is said to be far stiffer than prior models, though the weight remains unchanged.

A fresh line of signature frames and one un-named sample also made an appearance. There’ signature models from Jason Enns, Brock Railford and we’re told the un-nmaed frame is an ‘advanced’ take on the current Bermuda frame that carries a wider chainstay area for bigger tyres, as well as investment cast dropouts..

There was of course a sample freecoaster too, carrying shimmed internals that should be popular.

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