Here's a collection of Interbike innovations, including GT's I-Drive prototype...

Interbike odds and ends


Pacific Cycles was keen to show that GT is still a brand synonymous with innovation. The prototype bike at the front of the booth (first seen at Eurobike) was a statement of intent.

Here’s the text from GT:

Front triangle (silver)

Standard tube shapes decrease weight and have highest strengh to weight ratio. Main pivot bearings interchangeable with integrated headset bearing. Shock mounts low in frame to keep centre of gravity at centre of rotation.

Rear triangle (red)

Main pivot bearings interchangeable with integrated headset bearing. One main pivot with an inner diameter of 40mm. 3.75 inches of rear wheel travel. Leverage ratio of approx 3:1. Lightweight one-piece construction, no pivots to wear or replace.

BB pivot (white)

New lightweight I-Drive housing mimics function of eccentric. Dynamic ‘BONE’ allows for tuning and increases response. Oversize pivot uses standard integrated headset bearing. One-piece forged CNC construction for precision engineering and high strength.


A Utah-made front derailleur. Check it out at


As well as the anti-dive fork (at last!), USE was showing new carbon drop and MTB bars, and the Ring-o-star headset widget, not yet seen in the UK. These two bits of aluminium do away with the star washer, save weight and allow for dead simple headset adjustment.


The helmet with built-in speakers! There’s a BMX/skate helmet as well as vented road/MTB helmets. The micro-speakers are built directly into the EPS foam. Users plug i-pod, MP3 player, CD Walkman or whatever into a small jack at the rear of the helmet. "The sound from the helmet does not block out surrounding noise that a cyclist must be aware of at all times."

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