First seen last year in prototype form, Kryptonite’s leverless QR skewers are now on the water and will soon be available to European consumers before US ones (thanks to a glitch with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

INTERBIKE: Kryptonite launch anti-theft QR skewers

The glitch is tautological: the CPSC stipulates that wheel skewer levers should operate in a certain way but Kryptonite’s skewers don’t have permanent levers so the wording on the regulation has to be changed before the new skewers can be released on the US market.

The skewers sit almost flush with the dropouts and – as with previous designs from other companies – require a lever-key to open them. However, instead of a fit-all lever, the Kryptonite method is much more like using a real key. Three small prongs on the lever have to marry – exactly – with three cleverly scooped out holes on the skewer bolt. The male prongs sit at slightly varying heights, making each lever-key unique to the purchaser.

The anti-theft QR system was previewed at Interbike last year but it has taken until now to reach the market.

Kryptonite products are available from Madison in the UK. The first batch of QR skewers were shipped to Madison a week ago so should be available to the trade in 2-3 weeks.

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