Sweetskinz Inc. has developed a range of patterned tyres. There’s a camo version, a tyre with cheetah spots, a Yin Yang pattern and a tyre with a sidewall decorated with a Celtic motif. But these aren’t paintjobs, try as you might, the patterns will last as long as the tyre as they’re right through the moulding. And it’s not just a novelty: race teams could have tyres that featured sponsor logos. Even bike shops could order bespoke tyres.

INTERBIKE: Forget the cheetah skin, you could drag your logo through the dirt

The graphically-enhanced tyres from Sweetskinz Inc only arrived back from Asia last week. They are being debuted here at Interbike. Both treads and sidewalls can be graphically-enhanced.

Whilst hoping to sell the patterned tyres via IBDs and direct via its website, Sweetskinz co-founder Todd Gogulski, a former professional roadie and US National Team member, believes a big growth area could be private-label tyres. A three location IBD in San Diego has requested a quote for a few thousand tyres featuring his shop logo, and Sweetskinz is approaching MTB and road teams seeking orders for tyres featuring sponsors logos.

Sweetskinz was founded in 1999 by Gogulski and Yann Mellet, an architect and inveterate inventor. Technical input was provided by tyre guru Josh Deetz, former head of research and design at Vittoria. He’s now the Chief Technical Officer of Sweetskinz Inc. Its taken until 1999 to perfect the off-set printing and tyre-fusing process.

The tyres cost $50 a piece. There’s currently a 26inch MTB tyre and a 20 inch BMX tyre. Road and DH models are in the pipeline for next year.


Email: todd@sweetskinz.com

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