More prizes on offer thanks for Freight Transport Association

InTANDEM Road Safety competition deadline draws near

The competition to design a safety symbol that could be used as a sticker on HGVs warning cyclists to keep clear is nearing its end, with the deadline on April 30th.

The InTANDEM Road Safety Competition, run by Hows My Ltd, has a £1,000 top prize. Now the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has offered to second prizes worth £500 each. Bicygnals’ distinctive Angel helmets and light indicators are also potential prizes for lucky entrants.

The hazard symbol, which must fit within the unique pentagon shape, will be placed on the back of large vehicles. It will remind drivers to be vigilant in their watch for cyclists whilst serving as a warning to riders that extra care is needed if passing a large vehicle on the nearside is unavoidable.

Gus the Gorilla, the chap in the picture above, has been on a competition road trip this month, offering entry tips to the likes of Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge, and Tony Baldry, MP for North Oxfordshire, as well as other potential competition entrants.

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