SwimEEZY is seeking a UK distributor for its Slick Lycra skin shorts that come with an insert with more USPs than most. And who can resist the website marketing slogan 'Click here for dealers who can Slick your ass!'

Innovative shorts insert from South Africa

Peter Constan-Tatos of SwimEEZY in Henley-on-Klip, South Africa, says the Slick shorts feature an innovative padded insert that breathes and cushions better than conventional padding.

The Slick inserts offers what the company calls ‘Perforated Performance’

"By using a closed-cell AIREX foam, bonded to a chamois, and perforated with MEGA-PORES, you get a cycle padding that does what no other can offer: superior cushioning… breathing under all conditions, even when soaking wet…wicks away moisture" says SwimEEZY’s website.



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