Safely locking up your helmet with a light? Locksit reckons it can do exactly that

Innovation Lab preview: Bicycle helmet lock Locksit

Ahead of the debut of the London Bike Show’s Innovation Lab, held in association with BikeBiz, we speak with the companies showcasing their innovative wares. This time it is the turn of bicycle helmet lock Locksit. Martin St-Gallay answers the questions…

Can you explain your product, why it is different and innovative?
The Locksit is a bicycle helmet lock with a light so that wherever you go, you can lock up your helmet and you will always have a light, safely attached to the bike. It is a very simple product and we are very proud of it

How did you come up with the idea?
We came by the idea when cycling to the train station and then hitting everyone on the train and tube and thought there had to be a safe and easy way to lock up your helmet and there wasn’t, so we came up with this!

How hard was it to get started? Did you use crowd funding like Kickstarter, etc? If you did, how did that go?
It is all self financed at the moment and with a very understanding wife! It was hard to start as I’d never gone into this line before, but all my friends and family have been great.

Can you pick any key milestones in the development of your product/company?
There have been three big milestones, one, seeing the product made in it’s first prototype, two, hearing from the patent guy that it was unique and three is meeting and working with a friend and manufacturer.

What are you hoping for from exhibiting at the Innovation Lab? More exposure? New trade partnerships?
 We are hoping for general public support and commercial interest would be fantastic. If people are interested, then come and have a chat. It has been a long 2 ½ years, lots of money, but it has been very interesting, fun and hopefully rewarding. We now have a website, facebook page and twitter account, so please have a look!

Read more on Locksit at the official Locksit site or head over to the London Bike Show’s Innovation Lab from February 12th to 15th at ExCeL.

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