The German PR agency has launched an English- and Spanish-language technical manual translation service. The company has been running a German-language service for two years and has produced manuals for brands such as Storck, Isaac and Fuji.

inMotion wants to talk your language

"The international production and distribution structures within Europe and the Far East, further strengthened by the inclusion of yet another 10 nations that received EC country status in May of this year, were at the basis for our decision to expand the language range of service manuals we offer," said inMotion’s Dirk Zedler

inMotion can also handle the printing and distribution of technical manuals for delivery to manufacturers in the Far East.

"Besides the standard service manuals, an increasing number of manufacturers choose the modular brand version, strengthening brand image and thus increasing the value of the bicycles. This brand version consists of an individually designed 8-page cover combined with the standard content and neutral bicycle images," said Zedler.


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