Cycling Industry Club creates opportunities for advocates and industry figures to meet.

Industry and advocacy forge closest-ever ties at Velo-city

The Cycling Industry Club, an initiative of the European Cyclists’ Federation, has created an “Industry Day” at the Velo-city advocates’ conference. This is a curated sample of talks and seminars throughout the first day of the conference, being held until Friday in Nantes, France.

On Tuesday evening the Cycling Industry Club hosted a dinner for industry executives, with Wednesday being the industry day.

At the evening dinner Tony Grimaldi, CEO of Cycleurope, said it was important for the industry and cycle advocates to work together to grow cycling. Kevin Mayne, ECF Development Director and in charge of the Cycling Industry Club, said he was proud the Cycling Industry Club was being used to forge links between the cycle industry and cycle advocates.

Talks during the industry day include “The Bicycle Market and Advocates” which will discuss how advocacy and industry can benefit from working together. The speakers include Jeroen Snijders Blok, Chief Operating Officer of Accell Group; Vicky Yang, CEO of advocacy and promotional NGO The Cycling Lifestyle Foundation; and Klaus Bondam, Director of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation

Mayne said up to 100 industry figures will be at Velo-city, the highest ever representation from the industry.

“We are very excited to welcome so many representatives of the cycling business community in the world’s biggest cycling conference which brings together all aspects of cycling,” said Mayne, the former executive director of the Cyclists’ Touring Club in the UK but who is now based at the Brussels HQ of the European Cyclists’ Federation.

“We have brought together all aspects of cycling, and designed a full set of industry-related sessions and networking events,” said Mayne.

“Company representatives will be there to mix with advocates, policy-makers and politicians and discuss all things cycling.”

Velo-city will be opened on Wednesday morning by EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc, Minister of State for Transport, Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

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