Bob Chicken has taken on the agency for Noslar tyres of India.

Indian rubber bounces into UK

Ralson Industries of Mandideep, India, manufacture 12 million tyres a year, many under the Noslar brand.

Bob Chicken is the UK marketing consultant to Vredestein of Holland and says the Noslar tyre agency doesnt conflict with Vredestein because Noslar tyres are aimed at a very different end of the market.

My involvement with Vredestein will continue as there is no tangible clash of interest within a market which price-wise Vredestein cannot compete, serving as they do the high end price range of performance and racing tyres, says Chicken Snr.

In the Ralson catalogue it is stated that Ralson has a technical tie up with Vredestein. The Dutch company also gets some of its lowend tyres made by Ralson, although this arrangement will cease once Vredestein open their manufacturing facility in Malaysia within the next 12 months.

Bob Chicken will be aiming to get Noslar tyres specced as original equipment as well as being taken up by wholesalers as aftermarket items.

Ralson produces MTB, citybike (including 700c) and BMX tyres. (Touchingly, the Ralson catalogue states that BMX stands not for Bicycle Moto Cross but British Motor Cross).

Tel: 0208 886 6145.

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