'The school run is the perfect place to incorporate physical activity into a child's daily routine'

‘Inactivity epidemic’ blighting Scotland’s young people

Fresh figures from the NHS have revealed that concerns remain about the level of young children at risk of being overweight or obese.

The numbers have proved reluctant to budge, stuck at around 21 to 23 per cent.

John Lauder, Scottish National Director at charity Sustrans said: "Scotland’s young people are suffering at the hands of an inactivity epidemic.

"If we’re going to tackle obesity then we need to educate and inspire families to incorporate physical activity into their children’s daily routine.

"The school run is the perfect place to start; through a Sustrans survey of Scottish Schools we know that just 50% of pupils travel actively to school, even though the average journey to primary school in the UK is just 1.8 miles.

"Sustrans inter-school competition called The Big Pedal is trying to change this by challenging children and parents to cycle and scoot to school. Scottish schools have excelled in the competition in previous years and so far 193 schools have signed up – and there’s still time for more to get involved.

“We urgently need to get our kids moving, and the school run could be the healthy start which children need.”

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