This month BikeBiz takes a look at Scott Hillyard from 2x2

IN THE SADDLE: Scott Hillyard

What bikes do you own?
I let the side down a little here. Our design guy had 54 at last count, no really, he has! I have three currently – a one-off silver carbon Land Rover Vorbano for the mucky stuff, a Vario All Pass for tarmac and keeping fit on and a Federal T-Nez Pro for larking around with Hillyard Junior as he lives on the ramps.

What’s your business background?
I went straight into computer programming from education with an American IT company and after a couple of years I realised I was no desk jockey.
From then on it was sales jobs all the way and, after a brief spell selling Alfa Romeos, I have worked most sales jobs in this industry from internal telesales, sales rep, national sales manager, sales director and finally as one of the owners of 2×2.

What’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?

Got to be drop-offs. It falls in the same camp as parachute jumps and bungee jumping – nothing is quite as much fun as weightlessness.

In your opinion, what’s the next big thing in cycling?
I would like to think the Ebike will change the shape of the industry in this country, but I’m not so sure it is going to get the chance. There are some niche retailers who are making a living out of electric product already, but unlike the more discerning European market we are still trying to produce/import the lowest cost product we can. I appreciate there are exceptions and I hope these brands win through. If we can raise the ASP across the industry by any means it has to be beneficial to all of us.

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