This month, The Ride Journal editor Philip Diprose gets in the saddle…

IN THE SADDLE: Philip Diprose

What bikes do you own?
My shed consists of a Dave Yates singlespeed hardtail, a resprayed Mercian fixed gear, a Trek 2100 road bike, a Santa Cruz Superlight, a Specialized Tricross Singlespeed CX bike and a Bontrager frame that needs building. And a Cannondale geared CX bike is on its way – all allowed by a very understanding wife in a small London flat.

Tell us about your business background:

I’m a video editor, so my business experience is outside the bike industry. Like most folk though I know what I like, and thought I could do better. This experience, a group of incredibly talented contributors and journal-mates, and a willingness to climb a steep learning curve haven’t let me down yet.

What’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?
The joy of a narrow ribbon of singletrack, whipping through the trees with a few rooty bits and some drop offs can’t be beaten. Add mid-spring sunshine, good friends to chase and a cold beer after the ride. Bliss.

What were you hoping to create with the Journal?
An alternative to what was already being done well by other publications. Something that spoke about the rider and not about the bike.

Now it is established, what are your goals?
At the end of issue one we didn’t know if there would be a second. Now that issue two is out I can confirm there will be a third. After that, who knows. The goal is always to show a side of cycling that seems under-represented, the passion that flows through riders veins and the creative side that seems to go with it.

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