This month, Raleigh product manager Mike Sanderson gets in the saddle…

IN THE SADDLE: Mike Sanderson

What bikes do you own?
My stable consists of a Diamondback/Ashton Closure (Sam Pilgrim’s signature model), a Diamondback XTS Moto, Diamondback XSL and a Raleigh Burner Replica, used to ride to the pub.

Can you tell us about your business background?
My career in the industry started at Alex Moulton Bicycles when I was 17, where I was tasked to build wheels. From that post I went on to a degree in Computer Aided Product Design and then over the last three and a half years I’ve worked my way up from assistant product manager to product manager at Raleigh.

Favourite bike product of the past three years?

Telescopic seat posts. These are a simple solution to an old problem. Also, the Troy Lee D2 lid; they make you ten seconds quicker just by wearing one!

What’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?

Hitting a take-off that’s on the boundary of your ability and riding away clean and stylish.

Describe your role at Raleigh:

Everything from the day-to-day management of my products (Diamondback BMX, Mountain, Mtrax and Raleigh Boy’s bikes), specifications and working on new ideas for the future. I also represent my brands up and down the country at the many events Raleigh attends, and also managing two teams (Ashton/ Diamondback and Diamondback BMX) in the UK.

Puncture repair or new tube?

New tube.

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