Triton's director discusses Fairdale, working the bike trade since the age of 14 and adding fresh labels

In the saddle: Luke Edwards, Triton Imports

BikeBiz: What bikes do you own and where’s your fave place to ride ‘em?
Luke Edwards: Like most people in the bike trade I’d have to admit I probably have too many bikes. Lots of ‘90s trials bikes and BMXs. My favourite bikes at the moment are my Cannondale CAAD 10 and Fairdale Parser Express. We’re blessed with having Epping Forest on our doorstep, so most of the time on the bike is spent around there.

What’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?
For me it was always learning a new move on the trials bike. It didn’t have to be a big and impressive one, but something you work hard to achieve.

Tell us about your background in the cycling trade:
I started working on the shop floor part-time at 14 years old, went full time at 16 and since then have had pretty much every role going.

What sparked you into starting Triton?
The opportunity to take on the SE distribution came up and we’d always been fans of the brand, so it was a no-brainer.

And it’s all going well to date? Any highlights?
It’s been a great ride so far. Travelling the world and working with the riders I used to look up to is amazing. Bikes have always taken me to places I would never have gone to and they still continue to do that.

How did the deal with Fairdale come about?
As with all great deals, it started in a bar over a few beers!

What’s the long-term goal for the business?
World domination! This year we’ll be adding a few brands to our offering, the first being ACS. Our goal is to offer a more complete product portfolio of quality brands and not just complete bikes. We’re about to launch our B2B site, which has been a while in the making. B2B is such a useful resource for dealers and should make it easier for independents to deal with us.

Anything in particular should dealers look out for in 2014?
There are so many great products this year. But my personal favs are the SE x Santa Cruz Big Ripper collaboration bike; two great brands hooking up to make a cool cruiser. The other is the Fairdale Weekender Drop. It’s a road/touring/adventure bike, which really suits the kind of riding i’m doing at present Endura Gripper Fleece Gloves.

And how can dealers get in touch to open a new account?
They can call 0208 508 0682, or email

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