BikeBiz catches up with new south coast eco-conscious cycle clothing label

In the Saddle: Jonathan Lewis and Jamie Lloyd,

What bikes do you own?
Lloyd: I own a 1970s Bianchi, an old Kona mountain bike that I use for the school and post runs, as well as my Brompton, which was stolen so I’m saving up to replace it. My favourite place to ride is around the Preseli Hills, Pembrokeshire.
Lewis: I’ve got a 1980s Peugeot Perthus PRO 753R, an old titanium mountain bike for the post run and I regularly borrow my Dad’s 1970s Bianchi. My favourite place to ride is on the South Downs.

What’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?
Lloyd: Downhill, off road with a cliff down one side.
Lewis: Going fast, past bored and frustrated stationary motorists in the city.

Can you tell us about Veleco and how it began?
Lloyd: I saw John at a friend’s wedding and we started talking about setting up an ethical business together. We went to the pub to discuss what we both brought to the table and what we both enjoyed. My background is ethical production and John’s is marketing and eCommerce and after a few pints we discovered that we both had a love of cycling.
Lewis: After a few more visits to the pub, we realised that no one had done what we consider to be truly eco and ethical cyclewear and so Veleco was born.

Where are the products made?
Lloyd: The products are made in Pakistan, where we use an audited WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified factory.

How do you turn a plastic bottle into a cycling jacket?
Lloyd: Bottles are stripped into shreds, then made into pellets, from which a fibre is made. It’s then woven like any other fabric, cut, stitched and made into the Re:Cycle Softshell cycling Jacket.

What can we expect from the label in future?
Lloyd: We’ve got ambitious plans, next year we want to release more technical wear including shorts, trousers, different types of jacket and bags all using eco materials and blends.
Lewis: We also have some big announcements coming up about our Veleco Ethical Cyclewear Team Riders. And we’re hoping to set up some high profile collaborations with ethical fashion designers.

You’re now available to shops – how can a retailer take an account with Veleco?
Lloyd: All you need to do is call me on 01273 728734, or email me at

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