This month BikeBiz grills Tranter on some of Fusion Media's highlights and how the PR business has got more competitive - and creative

In the Saddle: Fusion Media’s Adam Tranter

BikeBiz: What does your day-to-day job involve?
Adam Tranter: It’s a combination of the day-to-day runnings of the business, from the boring stuff to more exciting stuff like new account pitches. And getting stuck in with our clients, coming up with new campaigns and making sure they’re run in the best possible way.

Does Fusion Media work exclusively in the cycle world?
We’ve ensured we’re absolute subject matter experts when it comes to cycling, but we do a bit in running and triathlon too.

Are your staffers keen cyclists?
Yes, it’s kind of a pre-requisite. Laura, one of our execs, doesn’t ride too much, but comes from a family of lifelong cyclists; her Grandad used to race with Tommy Simpson, so we’ll let her off.

Are there any campaigns that you are particularly proud of?
We’re proud of most of the stuff we’ve done, we get really involved and stuck in. We like it especially when we get bums on seats, or capture the imagination of the industry. Recently, we’ve launched a film about Marco Pantani, which has been really well received. We’ve also been working hard on the Great Manchester Cycle, selling out 8,000 places. We’re really lucky to work with SiS who are constantly innovating with new products and scientific breakthroughs – which makes the job of creating a buzz a bit easier.

What clients are you working with at the moment?
At any one time we’re working with around ten clients. At the moment we’re working with SiS, Jaguar, Yorkshire Festival of Cycling, Right To Play, Channel 4, The Trois Etapes and Nova – to name a few.

Has the business of PR and related changed?
For us, there are three key changes. The competitiveness in cycling to gain column inches – it’s important to be creative and understand the publications you’re dealing with. The rise of mainstream media covering cycling – our reach has grown hugely because of this. Lastly, the importance of digital and social – everything we do now takes this into consideration.

How can the trade get in touch?
Drop us a line on email at, or call us on 0207 299 4290 for a chat.

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