Editor of up-coming product-based blog talks getting noticed, future plans and flash rides

In The Saddle: Dave Paterson, The Merged

Juggling a parts buyer job with Evans Cycles and an up-coming industry blog, Dave Paterson is a busy man. With site visits averaging at 12,000 and growing, the BMX trade has taken note. BikeBiz fires a 60 second interview at The Merged editor…

What bikes do you own?
I ride a Fit Ben Lewis Frame with parts from Odyssey, Primo and ANML. I’ve always liked my bikes to be short, responsive and with a full assortment of pegs. Earlier this summer I built up a new Federal Freecoaster Hub which is running a treat and opening up so many more possibilities.

Sadly, my BMX isn’t the most efficient mode of transport, so I also own a Subrosa Fix Gear, which is great for the commute to work and to get about when twenty-inch doesn’t cut it!

What’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?
Riding with a large group of riders through a big city and hitting spots on the way always puts a smile on my face. Events like the DUB Jams and the old Project 5 rides where you would be riding through London with 400 other riders is something that you just have to experience for yourself.

Tell us a bit about your website and its history:
I started The Merged a little over a year ago as a personal blog to keep me busy during the cold winter months when I couldn’t get out on my bike as much. Since I started riding, I have always been heavily interested in the release of new products within BMX and the cycling industry as a whole.

A year later the site has grown into a reliable source on new and upcoming bike products that is recognised by some of the biggest companies in BMX. We take an unbiased approach to products, and focus on their functionality rather than just how popular a brand is. We try to spot the guys doing something different within the cycling world and showcase this.

I run the day-to-day workings of the site and do most of the updates. I do have a number of contributors who help me out with general content and in the running of the website.

Any long-term aspirations or new things in the pipeline for The Merged?
We have a project in the works called ‘Same’, which we are really psyched on. I can’t tell you much more about it yet, but all I can say is that it’s going to be something really fresh and different. It’s going to be dropping real soon so keep checking the site for more info.

Who and how many people are reading at present?
Most of the visitors coming to the site are from the BMX and niche cycling community. We have a Facebook page, as well as a Twitter account and post on forums, which are all extremely important tools for us to communicate to our fans and followers. In the past year many big brands like Fit, Cult, United and websites like The Come Up have noticed the site and have promoted our articles on their sites too, which has boosted web traffic enormously. We currently have on average about 12,000 visits to the site each month, and that figure is increasing fast.

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