BikeBiz gets in the saddle with Adam Garner, Haro Brand Manager at Moore Large...

IN THE SADDLE: Adam Garner

What bikes do you own?
The garage used to always have at least ten bikes in, but now I only have a Haro Sonix, Premium BMX and I’m waiting on my new Basso Astra to be delivered.

Where’s your favourite place to ride?
Pretty much anywhere in Scotland – although a visit to the Alpe du Huez last year was awesome.

Tell us about your business background?
I started at Moore Large around five years ago as an office Junior and moved through to the sales office, then became a marketing assistant before taking a role as field sales manager for the Midlands. That brings me to where I am now – Haro Bikes brand manager. Also, I worked Saturdays in my local bike shop for three years.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest rush achievable on a bike?

These days with the work load, getting to the top of the road from my house is enough. Seriously though, nothing beats blasting BMX down the local skatepark
or trails for a few hours.

Haro’s new sponsored rider Lauren Smith is teaching me the fastest lines around the new Derby track.

Describe your average day brand managing Haro:
An average day in the office consists of sorting out all the problems the field sales team give me (only joking, guys), working on new adverts, looking at marketing opportunities, pricing, specing new 2010 bikes and pretty much everything for the brand that needs doing. Most of time at the moment is spent out on the road selling the bikes and looking for new opportunities.

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