According to an article in Browse, the Royal Mail home shopping magazine, not enough etailing websites are welcoming to nervous first-time users of internet shopping

Improve your etail

The magazine which is packed with useful articles from expert contributors and is well worth getting a hold of if you werent sent it at the start of the week quotes a survey from the International Marketing Supervision Networks which surveyed 700 e-commerce sites frokm around the world.

Most of these sites fail to win the trust of net newbies. So, if you want to improve your etail offering learn from these omissions.

90 percent do not have a customer charter or equivalent statement of rights

78 percent do not have a forum for complaints

75 percent do not state a customer privacy policy

62 percent do not give information on refunds

50 percent do not give information on payment security

25 percent do not have a real world contact address

Browse says the conclusion is obvious The people least likely to buy suffer lack of confidence in the online process, but form the greater part of the potential global market. Dont reinforce their prejudices make shopping inviting and exceed their expectations at every screen.

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