The International Mountain Bicycling Association now has a chain-link logo, designed by advertising firm Carmichael Lynch. The firm has also created a series of tongue-in-cheek adverts, postulating what MTBers would do if they had no trails to ride on.

IMBA unveils new logo and ad campaign

"The new IMBA logo is a simple, strong image with a modern vibe," said Pete Webber, IMBA’s communications director.

Accompanying the logo (not shown above) are four symbols that describe IMBA’s work: Speak, Build, Respect, Ride.

The campaign also introduces new print ads with the tagline: "What would we do without trails?" The ads feature mountain bike riders in improbable situations, such as displaying their pecs in a bodybuilding contest, to demonstrate what cyclists might do if there were no trails to ride.

"Describing IMBA’s work in a compelling way is difficult. Advocacy, lobbying, land managers, government bureaucracy – it’s not the stuff most mountain bikers want to hear about," said Webber.

"This new campaign gives our brand some energy. It describes our work in a straightforward manner and presents dynamic ads with an emotional tagline."

To celebrate the new campaign, IMBA is holding a contest on the IMBA website to encourage mountain bikers to submit their own "What would we do without trails?" photograph. The winner will earn a Juan Solo singlespeed mountain bike from Salsa Cycles.

"The true measure of IMBA’s work is trail access – our top priority is ensuring people have great trails to ride. But being able to put a fresh, new spin on our image is important, too. We need to catch the eyes of mountain bikers. This is a first step in attracting riders to our movement and enlisting them as IMBA supporters. For mountain biking, more IMBA members means more clout and better riding," said Webber.

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