That's the trademarked strapline for a new English-language website aimed at keeping US, Asian and European execs in the loop on Chinese business news. also contains podcast interviews, business book reviews and strategy papers selected and written for relevance to non-Chinese executives who are considering what the site calls their "China entry strategy."

“If You are Not in China, You are Not in Business”

The Singapore-based site is targeted at execs who need to know about China but have no time to search through hundreds of English- and Chinese-language websites and journals. It’s IT oriented but still contains stuff for any business dealing with China. Type ‘bicycle’ in the search engine and there’s nothing there.

"China Observer tells [executives] what will impact their business," said Bill Lewis, editor of the site.

The interview section reveals the thoughts and ideas of senior Chinese executives on their business and their country, while dispensimg advice for companies looking to enter China.

The site is new so has not yet been populated with tons of content. Entrance to the content requires registration, which is free.

Content will grow but perhaps the most useful existing feature of the site is the podcasting section. Podcasts are downloadable MP3 ‘internet broadcasts’ for playing on PCs, Macs, iPods and MP3 players. There aren’t too many interviews on China Observer just yet but the number will grow as the site develops.

The news section promises an up-to-date synopsis of business stories from English and Chinese media.

"The big problem is that there is a vast mountain of data on China flooding the Internet and traditional media," said Lewis.

"Executives do not have the time or resources to sift through this deluge of information, much less analyze it. China Observer brings relevant information quickly onto executive’s desk-tops."

China Observer is published by Temasys International, a bilingual consulting company assisting businesses to develop and execute their China strategy.

"Whether you or your business likes or dislikes, approves or disapproves of the changes and transformations in China, you cannot afford to ignore China," said Lewis.

"Every business needs to understand the dramatic impact this country is having on the global stage and to respond accordingly."

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