High attendance at Interbike's Outdoor Demo could mean pessimistic predictions about Interbike attendance are wide of the mark

IBDs crowd to Outdoor Demo

The indoor Interbike, which starts tomorrow in the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, is preceded by two hot-and-dusty bike-testing days in the desert, close to the Hoover Dam.

Preliminary attendance numbers for the first day of the Outdoor Demo were up 8 percent on last year. Prior to the show, Interbike officials – and show exhibitors – were worried the down economy would see a significant reduction in attendees.

At this morning’s Tour de Lake Mead ride – a 24 mile leg warmer on road bikes – was ridden by 394 industry riders, 100 more than last year.

The second day of the Outdoor Demo is usually the busiest of the two days and it was buzzing today, possibly meaning attendance is up two day’s running.

This could mean the indoor Interbike will also be busier than last year.

Numbers at the Outdoor Demo were boosted at 2pm when the Specialized Komen for the Cure riders arrived from a 660 mile road bike ride from HQ at Morgan Hill. As usual, CEO Mike Sinyard was leading the pack.


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PIC: Despite being smack bang in a swelteringly hot desert, Las Vegas has precious few solar panels. So, for Outdoor Demo, cargo bike specialist Xtracycle brought its own.

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