The BizBiz Barometer has passed the testing phase and is now live. But we need to add more UK-based IBD voters. Some will be invited to join, but don't let that stop you from volunteering yourself...

IBD volunteers needed for our business confidence survey

The Barometer is a means of tracking business confidence over time. IBDs on the Barometer panel are emailed the same three questions every fortnight and their responses are graphed.

Over time this graph will reflect the peaks and troughs of business confidence – and turnover and profit levels – over the year, enabling an up-to-date sampling of how the trade is feeling.

12 IBDs tested the Barometer and now it is open to all UK-based IBDs. The results are open to everybody who can get past the site passwords and are fully complete at midnight every second Tuesday.

A bar chart will soon be added showing how many of the IBDs allowed to vote have, in fact, voted. The panelists receive an auto-generated email every second Monday asking them to log on to the site with their normal passwords and answer three questions. A second auto-generated email goes to those who have yet to vote.

If you receive an invitation to join, please bear in mind that the Barometer questions will take just a few seconds to complete and the answers are completely anonymous.

To vote you must have registred with (ie you must be using your own passwords, not presta and enter).

IBDs can volunteer themselves by emailing

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