Broxbourne and Hitchin-based Cycledealia reveals how Cyclescheme and the urban market has boosted sales in-store. Mark Sutton visits what claims to be Hertfordshire’s most mis-spelt bike shop...

IBD PROFILE: Cycledealia

“There’s been absolutely no decline in trade.” That’s the word from Cycledealia, a two-store cycle retailer selling everything from Pashleys to Konas. The Pashleys do well in the Hitchin store, a market town where customers are seeking bikes to cruise around on come Saturday when the town is bustling.

“It’s the girls who buy the Pashleys. We don’t order in the gents models,” says Paul Hurrel, manager of the Broxbourne branch. “Here in the Broxbourne store there has only been one decline and that’s in sales of full suspension bikes. But this has been more than made up for by the purchases of hardtails, some toward the higher-end of the scale.”

Cyclescheme has given these sales a thorough price boost too. Hurrel added: “Sales through Cyclescheme tend to add a fair bit to the final price tag and as a result we’ve sold a bundle of mid-range Konas and others. I’d say we average £500 or more on each voucher. We’ve certainly not had many under that value. Then again, some weeks we can shift ten bikes through ouchers.
Other weeks it can be zero.”

The scheme is a boost to add-on sales too, with helmets and even clothing boosting the retailer’s margins. “Clothing is a big performer for us and Cyclescheme only adds to the sales. We’re doing particularly well with performance items such as Endura jackets, and not necessarily just £40 items either. Customers seem to be beginning to invest in quality cycle gear. For example, our CycleOps trainers have been going down a storm and we have to keep restocking.”

So Cycledealia must have a cluster of enthusiasts? Not necessarily, explains Hurrel. “We’ve noted major take-offs in BMX and also our Claud Butler hybrids. These are everyday bikes that leisure cyclists and first-timers are buying. Kona is the biggest seller and we’re shifting bikes of around £500 in value.” So there’s a mix of leisure cyclists, budding enthusiasts and high-end kit junkies.

Clothing aside, Saris racks are performing in-store too. Having sold out on BikeBiz’s visit, Hurrel explained the store has had to make several repeat orders as people begin to travel with their bikes. So is it down to the sunshine teaser of early May?

“The weather does of course have an impact, it affects footfall everywhere. The leisure cyclists come out in force when the sun is shining and this naturally does affect sales.”

So with a prediction of a hot summer, could anything damage business as the rays beam down?
“Shortages are the only real concern. Price rises don’t seem to have deterred people from buying bicycles. However, for those looking for road bikes between the £500 to £800 mark this summer the shortages may lose us sales,” says Hurrel.

Of other concerns, the store mechanic’s volume of work has been constantly high. “I’ve never known the workshop be empty, but in recent times we’ve seen a jump in jobs. We offer two free services on a sale and customers only tend to expect one, so that works as a good sales tool, especially when we’re asked to price match. Much to our delight, the workshop has noted a real boost in customers upgrading their bikes. We make a point of only selling durable completes, so it’s good to see customers investing in their bikes’ performance.”

Situated among a cluster of trail hotspots, including Epping and Chicksands, as well as towpaths stretching into central London, it’s no wonder staff are all advocates of cycling. And it seems Cycledealia’s enthusiasm is rubbing off on its customers…

Owner: Paul Hurrel
Location: Broxbourne
Telephone: 01992 445640
Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 10.00 –6.00pm,
Saturday: 9.30 – 5.30pm

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