Institute of Advanced Motorists claims most accidents are caused "below the speed limit"

IAM announces consultation on road speed limits

The Institue of Advanced Motorists has today announced it is welcoming Government consultation on speed limit revisions.

The institute is also interested in hearing cyclists views.

“The IAM feels it should address safety for as many road users as possible. We want to get more people cycling and make cycling safer,” said Duncan Pickering, IAM cycling development manager

Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: “Most road accidents are caused by drivers making mistakes at speeds below the speed limit, and it would be naive to assume a speed limit reduction alone will totally remove all deaths and injuries from our roads.

"Better driving standards and road awareness as well as improvements in road engineering would make the most sustainable differences.”

The IAM supports clear guidance to Councils, which gives each the flexibility to implement local solutions for local problems.

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