A telesales company called BikeBiz today to try and sell us www.bicycle.glo.cc for £150. The salesperson said this would increase hits to our website because search engines would search for 'bicycle' and even bicycle.com wouldn't come much higher up the list than bicycle.glo.cc. Is this a worthwhile expense?

Hurry, hurry? Or watch out?

Plenty of companies are using the domain name registration method of getting cash out of companies.

Matheu Parry of Commercial Networks tried, unsuccessfully, to interest us in www.bicycle.glo.cc but perhaps others would be interested.

This is their sales pitch:

I can secure the name WWW.BICYCLE.GLO.CC or WWW.BIKE.GLO.CC on the global domain suffix, exclusively for your company. This generic name matches EXACTLY what a potential customer would type in to the internet when looking for a bicycle.

You are the first potential client I have approached in this area of industry – so this is your chance for exclusive rights.

That customer would then be forwarded directly to whoever owns this name. I am giving you the opportunity to secure this name and the business it will bring. Speak to you soon… address will not be available at the end of today. You are the first person I have tried in your area of industry.

It costs £159 and for this you get the domain name, 50 keywords and two email addresses. The glo.cc stands for global company, says Commercial Networks.

As well as bicycle.glo.cc and bike.glo.cc, there’s also bikeshop.glo.cc.

If interested call Matheu Parry of Commercial Networks on 01282 608000 Ext. 294. Or email mark@cnw.uk.com

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