Joshua Cohen - first featured on in 2004 - has released the latest version of his saddle e-book

Human Movement scientist revises his saddle book

‘The Illustrated Guide to Bicycle Seats’ – subtitled ‘Why the common bicycle seat hurts and what you can do about it’ – is now in its fourth edition and has gone live on e-book website Written by Joshua Cohen, the 20-page book costs $10.99 and has been revised and redesigned.

"Do you have issues with your saddle and don’t know how to make a better choice to replace it? Don’t waste your time selecting seats based on looks, luck and what works for someone else," advises Cohen.

His book combines his knowledge of biomechanics (he has a Master’s degree in Biomechanics and Human Movement Science), anatomy (he’s also a physical therapist), saddle design (he designed the Kontact Anatomical Saddle), and the latest saddle research (he has researched and published in scholarly journals on the topic). 

Cohen discusses recent changes in seat designs, including UCI tilt regulations, and saddle design can impact on comfort and performance on a bike. The e-book also contains links to additional research and articles by Cohen and others for those who want to take a deeper dive into the topic.

"Since my first book, it seems that saddle design has become even more marketing-driven," said Cohen. 

"It made sense to write a new book that distills the scholarly research – using a more graphical, easy-to-understand approach – into a guide to help riders quickly navigate through the large array of bicycle saddle designs and choose the best bike saddle for them based on their anatomy, riding style and typical riding position.”

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