Brand hopes to look at retail partnerships and trade events in the not too distant future

Huez Apparel launch on kickstarter

Huez clothing has gone live on Kickstarter with an initial goal of £10,000 to fund its first product, the Starman wind jacket.

The Rip Stop fabric Jacket is designed for ease of use in the saddle, "ripping" open thanks to a unique zipper and packing down to a size small enough for a jersey pocket.

Lorenzo Curci (one of the founders of Huez) told BikeBiz that once the firm is up and running it will be looking to attend trade events and perhaps work with industry partners on sales: 

"We wanted to start with the direct-to-consumer approach via our own e-commerce channel. At this stage it has allowed us to control the entire shopping experience and most importantly speak directly to the cycling communities and communicate the ethos of Huez. Sales create important feedback for us and we analyse our data and traffic on a daily basis, because knowing what does and doesn’t work is key before we work with wholesale; there are lessons we have learned and things we have adapted in this first phase. We wanted to get this right and now we can confidently move forward work in partnership with key retailers.

"Our sales strategy for next season is about generating awareness via campaigns, such as Kickstarter and industry / trade events. We will be showing the core collection at various trade shows over the coming months and willleverage these networks to meet with the right buyers.”

To view the wider collection see

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