Over the next five years, the US government is spending $5bn on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Not five million, five billion. This stunning state of affairs is partly due to the support the US bike industry extended to the US cycle advocacy movement. Find out more at this podcast...

How to turn $1 into $450m

The podcast features interviews with Elizabeth Train of Bikes Belong and Andy Clarke of the League of American Bicyclists. The interviews were conducted at the Velo Mondial bicycle planning conference held in South Africa earlier this month.

There are references to President Bush’s views on cycling, David Cameron’s bike-friendliness and how much American bicycle companies spend on supporting the industry/advocacy coalition.

The podcast can be found here:


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The graphic above – lifted from the podcast – features Clarke, Train and, at the top, John Burke, president of Trek.

Burke is a former president of Bikes Belong. In a newspaper interview last week he said:

""One of the beautiful things about being in the bicycle business is that it solves so many of the world’s complicated problems in a simple way. One of the things we’ve said is that we’re going to spend time and money on bicycle advocacy to make sure that we can get more people on bikes more often."

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