Average Christmas Day calories equal 2,177 velodrome laps, says Halfords

How to cycle off the Christmas calories

The average person could eat 6,000 calories on Christmas day. The good news is that it only takes a mere 2,177 laps of the Olympic Velodrome to work it off.

Drilling down further into the seasonal statistics, Christmas dinner alone can equal 1,500 calories. To counter that, a cyclist would have to ride around 41 miles – the equivalent of London to Southend-on-Sea (though after that round trip and the velodrome laps it won’t leave much time to eat).

And the reason for this onslaught of Christmassy data? Halfords has teamed up with pro cyclist Rob Jarman to create a slightly more manageable cycling regime to work off post-Christmas pounds.

Jarman said: “The key to shedding Christmas excess is a sustained exercise plan that’s both quick, enjoyable and viable. Burning 6,000 calories seems a scary challenge so it’s more easily tackled over a longer period in a series of activities that burn 500 calories through the day – such as a 30 minute bike ride at a high intensity. What’s important is to get out and be active on a regular basis – we don’t all have to go to Olympian lengths to shed the weight."

Olympic Gold medallist and Halfords bike designer Victoria Pendleton added: “2,177 laps of the Olympic Velodrome would be a bit too much even for me! I recommend building in exercise to your everyday routine and making it fun. A cycle ride to the local shops is good for you, it also saves on petrol, there’s no struggle to find a parking space and it’s enjoyable too.”

Halfords cycles manager Karen Bellairs commented: “We know that more and more people are taking up cycling as a way to stay fit and have fun. So we wanted to see how cycling fitted into the Christmas fitness regime. It was amazing to find the lengths you have to go to, to burn off your Christmas dinner. The Halfords plan is designed to help cyclists enjoy their riding over the Christmas break and put all those extra calories to good use through a sensible and attainable schedule. If it’s a choice between 2,177 laps around the Velodrome or a week of short bike rides with the family, I know what I’d choose!”

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