Go on, you know you want it. Imagine it framed and hanging above your shiniest road bikes. It's a blue Trek-USPS jersey and was signed at Interbike on a tressle table in front of thousands of show visitors. All proceeds from this exclusive BikeBiz auction will go to the CTC's Cyclists' Defence Fund

How about a signed Lance Armstrong jersey to hang in your shop?

How did BikeBiz.co.uk get its hands on an autographed Lance Armstrong jersey? Simple, we emailed Trek USA’s president, John Burke, before the show and he agreed to help.

Lance Armstrong turned up at the Las Vegas Interbike show for an hour’s Q&A session with the assembled throng of US IBDs and industry-sorts.

This auction is open to the public as well as the trade. The starting price was £50.

To bid you have to register your address and email details. Bids go up in £5 increments. Should anybody trump your bid, you will be auto-emailed and invited to bid again.

Bid for the jersey at:


TECH NOTES: The signed jersey is the Official 2002 USPS Pro Cycling Team jersey made by Nike in Italy. Dri-Fit Fabric in 100% microfiber polyester. Three back pockets and a 10-inch zipper. Logos include Nike, Visa, Yahoo, USPS and Trek.

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