Bread brand goes back to bikes and harks back to famous Ridley Scott-directed ad

Hovis homages classic ‘boy on a bike’ TV advert

Bread brand Hovis has gone back to bikes for its latest TV advert, harking back to its classic ‘Boy on a Bike’ ad from the ’70s.

Cooked up by ad agency Mother, the pitch was to show children enjoying a "healthy, physical life, rather than sat around indoors all day". Naturally bikes fitted the bill but the firm didn’t stick too closely to the premise of the ‘boy on a bike’ ad – which has been voted Hovis’ favourite advert – and instead shows three kids riding to get out the house. 

The ad agency’s blog explained: "In this exciting spot we see three kids doing everything they can to escape the clutches of a house, who will stop at nothing to keep them inside. Will they make it out? Will the house have it’s way and keep them trapped in it’s clutches? There’s only one way to find out."

Here’s the new ad, which debuts on TV this week:

And here’s the 1973 Hovis ad, directed by Sir Ridley Scott of Alien, Gladiator and Blade Runner fame.

Hovis has form in harking back to the famous ad – five years ago it enlisted Victoria Pendleton to re-enact the ad in a photo shoot as well as run a series of commercials with the cycle star.

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