The Independents guide to the 50 best bicycles puts the Charge Plug in first

Hot wheels score two in Independent top three

The Charge Plug was the number one bike listed in the 50 best bikes in the UK according to The Independent Newspaper.

The Plug has been an instant hit in the fast growing fixed wheel category that has recently spawned the launch of its own magazine called, appropriately, Fixed. See for a free PDF Download.

The GT Avalanche 1.0 disc (£499.99) which is also distributed by Hot Wheels was listed as number three and in total Hot Wheels had four bikes among the Indy’s best 50 list. (two Charge, one GT and one Mongoose).

Russell Merry from Hot Wheels said “Trying to put together a list of the 50 best bikes that cover all disciplines is always going to be subjective and open to debate. I am sure if I was writing the list it would have featured even more bikes that we distribute but then maybe I am a little bias?! I feel this is another great piece of mainstream press for the cycle industry that will likely benefit all brands in the bicycle business and probably promote some debate amongst enthusiasts!”

Charge Bikes can be seen at
GT bicycles are found at and Mongoose is

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