Distributor’s house brand sees a rebirth

Hot Wheels reveals new parts and colours for Xposure

Hot Wheels has revealed that it has dedicated additional resources behind own-brand Xposure, with the brand now sporting new parts and fresh colours.

First launched in 1994, Xposure’s range grew with key BMX products including Boob Tube pegs, Legs forks and the Ox frame – the later designed with original team rider and freestyle world champion Simon Tabron.

Following a quiet period for the Xposure brand – while Hot Wheels focussed on other aspects of the business including GT Bicycles in 2001 – the distributor has now placed more resource behind Xposure.

Hot Wheels said BMX category manager Chris McArdle has been able to devote more time to the brand, with impressive results. 

McArdle enthused: "Xposure products are in our top 20 parts list every week for sales performance and I love it because I get to do the product development, graphic design, packaging and even the website.

"Hot Wheels is giving me an increasingly free reign with Xposure because it is delivering results in terms of sales and profit. We have even had international distribution enquiries and yet Xposure was just supposed to be a line of basic parts that every shop could stock and sell for great prices."

Hot Wheels’ 
Russell Merry added: "Chris has done a great job with the re-birth of Xposure. The products stack up in terms of design, look and packaging and our sourcing experience means that they are very competitive in the market. The products look like the highest end components with pocket money prices.


Further development of the Xposure brand is in the pipeline with forks, stems and brake cables in stock by the end of the year and the ever busy McArdle building a new and better website for launch by January.

Dealers can call their Hot Wheels sales rep on 01202 732288 to find out more about the Xposure brand.

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