Voice of the Adult Cycling Enthusiast to be hosted by Red Kite Prayer and collated by Gluskin Townley Group

High-end bike consumer focus panel created by research company

Gluskin Townley Group is launching a new research panel called the "Voice of the Adult Cycling Enthusiast." The purpose of the research panel is to better understand dedicated riders at the upper end of the market. Gluskin Townley Group has partnered with Patrick Brady’s Red Kite Prayer website to tap into its high-end readership.

The research panel will be conducted through electronic surveys linked through Red Kite Prayer’s site. The plan is to conduct surveys on a monthly basis and following each survey, Red Kite Prayer will publish a post co-authored with Gluskin Townley Group about the results.

“We searched for months for just the right partner that can connect us to dedicated bicycle riders at the upper end of the North American bicycle market, and we are confident we have found that partner and connection we need to the core group of adult enthusiast bicyclists,” said Elliot Gluskin, managing partner of The Gluskin Townley Group

Red Kite Prayer publisher Patrick Brady said: "When Jay [Townley] called, I felt a bit like a parish priest getting a call from the pope. Me? Really? It’s a terrific confirmation of the readership we’ve built and I look forward to working with them."

Gluskin added:

“One of our objective is to provide our clients with a reliable and consistent research panel that allows them to get answers to questions about the wants, needs and buying habits of the dedicated upper end enthusiast."

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