You didn't need a stopwatch and its 1000ths second to find out who won the men's time trial at the World Championships in Hamilton, Canada. You could have got by with a wonky watch with just a minute hand. Scot David Millar obliterated the rest of the field. He will be at Interbike, signing autographs and picking up tasty kit. But will his win do anything for the UK bike trade?

Hero of Hamilton to make appearance at Las Vegas expo

Well done to David Millar. His chain stayed put and he beat the second placed rider by more than a minute.

On the bulletin board, there are opposing views of whether such a storming win will do wonders for business.

‘Van Der V’, a pseudonym for a rep from a Brum bike company, said Millar’s ride will make waves:

"This ride secures more lottery funding, this leads to more riders/support staff/training camps etc for the 2004 Olympics. Should we win Olympic medals in cycling,the pastime/sport of cycling gains media coverage,p eople get out on bikes etc. So support Dave Millar. Support British Cycling. Support Sport England. Support the lottery."

But Ben Cooper, of the Glasgow bike shop, Kinetics, doesn’t believe Millar’s win will have much impact on bike sales:

"David deserves a lot more media coverage – but will that encourage more people on to bikes? We also have a world champion freediver, but have swimsuit sales soared?"…/sport_Lng0_Spo18_Evt5641_Sto492884.shtml


David Millar will be on the Procycling booth at Interbike on Tuesday. As well as signing autographs, he will presented with a specially engraved USE Atom handlebar stem.

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