A joint statement from the Dulwich Estate, owner of the Herne Hill site, and British Cycling says the velodrome will re-open on 5th August. It had been subject to a lock-out earlier this year. A three year interim licence has been agreed. Herne Hill is the only remaining 'legacy' link to the last London Olympic Games, held in 1948.

Herne Hill velodrome to re-open

Here’s the official statement:

The Dulwich Estate and British Cycling are delighted to announce that Herne Hill Velodrome will be re-opened on the 5th of August after negotiating an interim licence for 3 years. This is to ensure that the track can now be re-opened immediately for cycling and British Cycling will be working with local clubs to establish, in the longer term, a thriving community club at the heart of Herne Hill as well as ensuring that the Olympic Talent Team squads, from which the UK’s 2012 podium athletes are beginning to emerge, can get essential access to the track for training and events.

Over the coming months, British Cycling will be urgently working on a solution to ensure the regeneration of the cycling facilities on the site to an appropriate level and this will play a key role both in the development of the athletes for the 2012 London Olympics as well as increasing participation in cycling at a local and regional level.

The Dulwich Estate will be working together with parties on a scheme which will see the development of the facilities required by cyclists, together with a leisure/sports complex which it is hoped will complement cycling on the site.

John Major

Chief Executive

The Dulwich Estate

Peter King

Chief Executive

British Cycling

(Tel: 0161 274 2031)

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