Licensed taxi Drivers Association boss throws toys out of pram

Head of LTDA dubs cyclists ”the ISIS of London”

Following yesterday’s historic announcement that London’s Cycle Superhighways will go ahead, the head of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association went on LBC to throw his toys out of the pram, dubbing cyclists "the ISIS of London" live on air.

In a new low for the organisation, which has threatened to launch a judicial review of yesterday’s cycling infrastructure approval, LTDA general secretary Steve McNamara told LBC:

"These people, the zealots of the cycling world, are unbelievable. We have had cyber attacks on our websites. They are all over us like a cheap suit on Twitter and social media. We have had physical threat of violence. You name it, we’ve had it. It’s absolutely unreal.

"The loonies out there in cycling world, they’re almost the sort of ISIS of London. Their views and their politics – if you are not with them, and we are with the majority of it, then nothing is too bad for you. These people are unreal."

In other news, Transport for London has made public the letters it has received from the likes of DHL, UPS and many other business orgs outlining their objections to the proposed cycle superhighways. 

To summarise, most read "Cycling is great in principle, as long as you don’t do it anywhere near our delivery trucks." But if you’d like to read them in full, click here.

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