Contour's wearable 1080p camera now has GPS inside, shooting footage with constant location data

HD bike-cam tracks with GPS

Contour is to release a ‘GPS camera’ that incorporates real-time GPS data while shooting high-definition, 1080p video.

The US company, which started life as VHoldr Contour, is pairing the device with a location-based video community. Site visitors can watch videos with speed and elevation data tracked on a map.

Marc Barros, Contour’s CEO, said: “We’re excited to introduce location as the next innovation in hands-free video cameras. GPS adds an exciting new element to video storytelling. It allows you to map your own adventures and discover new places posted by other users. Our seamless camera-to-community experience is like combining The Flip, YouTube and Google maps together into one simple, easy to use product.”

Using an integrated GPS receiver, ContourGPS captures location once per second. The GPS data, along with crisp HD footage, can then be edited using the new Contour Storyteller application. Compatible with Mac or PC, Contour Storyteller also makes it easy to organise videos, configure the camera and post stories online.

“We call this new form of storytelling ‘Video Mapping’" said Barros. “The inclusion of GPS brings a whole new level of context to any video, making location, speed, time, and conditions as important as what you recorded.”

The ContourGPS is distributed by Madison and retails for £369.99. The non-GPS ContourHD costs £269.99.

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