At the end of this month, the Faculty of Public Health Medicine at Nottingham University is hosting a one-day national conference to discuss the links between cycling promotion and health promotion. A pro-cycling leaflet on the health benefits of cycling will be unveiled at the Conference on Cycling and Health. Hopefully, this leaflet will become widely available, including availability through the bike trade

Have a heart: health conference focusses on cycling

The conference is to be staged on Thursday 27th March (10am– 4.30pm) and is beng organised by cycle advocate Hugh McClintock of the Institute of Urban Planning, School of the Built Environment at Nottingham University and Helen Thompson of the Nottingham City Primary Care Trust and Nottingham Transport and Health Initiatives Group.

The Conference on Cycling and Health is also supported by the Department for Transport,

CTC , the Cycle Campaign Network, and Sustrans.

The keynote speaker is to Professor Siân Griffiths OBE, Senior Fellow in Public Health at Oxford University, Visiting Professor at Oxford Brookes University, President of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine, and a member of the National Cycling Strategy Board.

The workshop topics include:

* Adult Cycle Training

* Cycling by prescription

* What are the main health benefits of cycling and how can these best be promoted?

* Coronary Heart Disease and cycling

* Diabetes and cycling

* Cancer and cycling

* Mental health and cycling

* Older people and cycling

* Children and cycling for school and other trips

* Cycling within the NHS; travel plans and the impact of congestion charging and workplace parking levies

* Accident prevention

* The use of accident data collected by hospitals

* Promoting cycle maintenance classes

* Health care on a bike; Cycling GPs and paramedics

* Cycling for people with special needs or limited mobility

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