...Christmas. Eid Al Fitr. Hannukah. Imbolc. Or, if you prefer, Holidays. Never let it be said that BikeBiz.com doesn't have its finger on the pulse of global religious sensitivities.

Happy (add here as appropiate…)

In some quarters (OK, OK, just America) it’s now considered politically incorrect to say ‘Happy Christmas’, Happy Holidays being used instead.

However, as the majority of people associate Christmas more with Scrooge, dried-fruit puddings, shopping, Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman, and an excessive amount of alcohol, than a Christian religious festival, BikeBiz.com reckons it’s safe to be non-PC.

Have a Merry Christmas!

The BikeBiz.com news service will resume on 29th December.


America’s controversial Christmas trees

For an overwhelmingly Christian country which prides itself on freedom of expression, removing "offensive" Christmas trees and censoring school Santas may seem curious.

As far as American public institutions are concerned, it is not Christmas but the "holiday season".

Any school, public library, university or government building which at this time of year crosses the constitutional boundary between church and state – be it simply through singing Silent Night or erecting a nativity scene on the lawn – risks being the target of a lawsuit.



Don’t email to tell us the religious festivals above don’t fall near December 25th this year. We know. Imbolc, incidentally, is the pagan festival of lights.

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