Following yesterday's story about Halfords gaining distribution of Kona, there was speculation on the future for GT in Halfords. The brand stays, says Halford's inhouse PR manager David Evans.

Halfords to keep GT

"Halfords has no plans to drop GT," David Evans told this morning.

"There is considerable uncertainty in the UK and indeed world-wide arena with regards to the future of GT. We are working with GT USA and the UK receivers to create the certainty we need to run a business of our size."

Halfords is keen to stock its Bikehut outlets with premium brands.

"Commercially we could not stock every brand available in the market place,” said Evans.

“We have a very clear plan with regards to our brand portfolio. This is to make sure that we have a complementary mix of brands. As such, Kona has been on our wish list as it fits with our long term plans."

However, it is believed that Kona was not in the top three of Halfords ‘dream brands’. Bikehut staffers and Halfords buyers would no doubt have preferred to nab Marin, Trek or Cannondale.

"We have had conversations with all of [these brands], and have established a better understanding of each others businesses as a result," confirmed Evans.

In 1999 Halfords produced a Betamax video extoling the benefits of being stocked by Bikehut. This video was circulated to the top US brands in order to bypass the UK distributors who, to date, have seen more pitfalls than benefits by going into Halfords.

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