Consumers who register with MyThings can log owned products in a secure online database. But it's more than a database, it's a storage facility that can also go public to report stolen goods and reunite owners with their lost or stolen property

Halfords signs with online data trunk service

MyThings allows consumers to create an online portfolio for their belongings, so they can manage and protect their valuables. Consumers can store images and product details; look for product information, accessories, downloads and guides; and report lost or stolen items for any of their valuables.

MyThings members may keep their portfolios private or make selected items public, allowing them to share their product knowledge with other keenies.

For retailers and suppliers, MyThings allows their customers to enter purchases into a MyThings portfolio. In turn, retailers and suppliers can communicate with MyThings members in the portfolio environment, tailored to the specific interests and preferences of the portfolio owner.

MyThings has formed partnerships with Tesco Direct, Casio, Jessops, and Halfords.

MyThings’ partners can anticipate a customer’s readiness to buy, upgrade, or replace a product, and then provide timely product information to inform purchase decisions.

MyThings also offers ‘Trace’, an online service that helps members search for and recover stolen goods. Trace is used by world’s top four auction houses.

MyThings CEO Benny Arbel said:

“MyThings also offers a powerful tool for retailers and manufacturers to develop closer relations with their customers. The power of the central portfolio, especially by automatically creating it at the point of purchase, allows retailers to offer highly targeted, relevant information that the consumer can elect to receive. This provides a formidable opportunity for both highly-effective marketing programs and customer experience.”

Jon Asbury, channel development manager at Halfords, said:

"Halfords is always looking to provide new, useful benefits to our customers. By partnering with, our customers now have a single place to store and manage information about their Halfords purchases and other valuables. Our customers, like our staff, are often enthusiasts in their product category, and MyThings offers a number of helpful online features for users to share and compare."

MyThings was founded in 2004 and has offices in London; Palo Alto, California; and Tel Aviv, Israel.

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