The recent hiatus in supply of Kona bikes from Second Level Sport led to suspicions something was afoot with Kona distribution. Now it can be confirmed that Halfords has secured the brand

Halfords score Kona

Kona bikes will still be available to IBDs but, according to early reports, not via Second Level Sport.

Since the collapse of Schwinn/GT Europe Ltd, rumours have been circulating in the trade that Monaco-based Mark Edwards (who, when at Caratti, did the deal to put GT into Halfords) would come back into the trade. Nothing to confirm on that score but it’s interesting to note that Kona Europe is based in, er, Monaco and it’s entirely conceivable that the former Caratti boss would have told Kona Europe that it could massively increase its UK sales by going with Halfords.

Halfords has long been wooing key IBD brands to instal into Bikehuts. Kona is a high-quality niche brand but was not the main target. Halfords would much rather have Marin, Trek or Cannondale but those companies have continued to rebuff the advances of Halfords.

A full strategic statement from Halfords will be posted here tomorrow morning.

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