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Halfords: ‘Now it’s time to take action on cycle safety’

Following last week’s high profile cycling accidents and the ensuing media interest, retailer Halfords has called for more action to protect cyclists on the road.

Having backed the Government’s “Think Cyclist” and The Times’, “Cities Fit for Cycling” campaigns, Halfords says the debate needs to change into action, particularly following what it says is the rapid increase in the popularity of road-cycling following Team GB’s Olympic successes.

“Interest in cycling is growing fast but safety is the biggest concern for cyclists and the reason preventing even more people from cycling," said Halfords commercial director Paul McClenaghan. "We have debated the issue of safety for years – but it’s time now for definite action.

“Halfords cares enormously about the safety of cyclists and agree cyclists can play their part. Wearing reflective clothing, using lights and wearing helmets can help protect against serious injury. So to can ensuring that bikes are well maintained and safe to ride.

“However the debate needs now to move on from what road users can do to help themselves.

"It’s become clear that safety isn’t an issue that cyclists can solve alone – they need more help and protection, for instance by planners when drawing up transport policy. The time is right now for more practical steps to help cyclists”

Halfords will be making a submission to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Cycling which recently launched an inquiry into how to get Britain cycling.

In the summer, Halfords teamed up with Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham to raise awareness of cycle safety after doctors reported a rise in accidents involving cyclists.


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